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Our Prayer Requests for our upcoming Medical trip October 20-27, 2023

Our next trip is scheduled for October 20-27. We're expecting about 12 missioners to come with us; surgeons, OR staff, construction folks and kid lovers. It will be the first trip to this part of the world for half the team members.

The Trip: Please pray for our team's safety and for all those whom we will meet and with whom we will interact, both those with medical issues and those whom we encounter serendipitously (but not accidentally). Also, please pray that we can obtain all the meds we will need for the OR and that they will make it safely through Honduras Customs (typically one of the biggest challenges we face!).

Valeska: She was raised at the Hogar (Children's Home), got married and has two children. Her husband deserted her (not at all uncommon, sadly enough). Valeska lives in abject poverty. She shares a one room "apartment" with her two small children. It's not even an acceptable room. The roof leaks, it's not safe (especially at night), etc. We help Valeska as much as possible, but finding a long-term solution for her, and others like her, is not easy. It's in our hearts to have enough funds to help the children of the Hogar on a monthly basis, who have "aged out" but have nowhere to go or work to do. This happens more often with the girls than the boys. That would mean providing enough funds to meet their basic needs but ideally to invest in their futures as well; to help them find work that fits their situations and helps provide for their daily needs.

Marbella: She is now living in our guest house while she is doing her "practice" (internship) at the local hospital where our medical team (La Brigada) performs surgeries. So, this trip, Marbella will be an instrument tech for our team-so cool! She completes her "practice" in October. Unfortunately, she was informed that she has to take more classes to be able to work/be employed in a government-run hospital (most of the hospitals are government-run). Most of her classmates are in the same situation. The school they attended misled them, not informing them that the 2-year program they offer is not sufficient in this regard. The good news: there is a school in Santa Barbara that offers the course of study Marbella needs. She will enroll for classes that begin in January and still be able to live in our guest house. If possible, she will work part-time as well in a private clinic of some sort.

The Van: about 5 years ago, some brave souls drove two used vans from the US to Honduras. We gave the larger of the vans to the Hogar to help transport children to and from school and other places as needed. That van has good days and bad days. Recently, it has been having bad days. Actually, it's not running at all. They need around $2000 to repair it.

The Diagnostic Clinic: Our lawyer and the board (all Hondurans) have been meeting regularly to create an NGO. They have come up with a mission statement, a vision and objectives for the Clínica Esperanza (Hope Clinic), all of which is required by law.

This is not an exhaustive list of needs, but I don't want to overwhelm you!

Thank you so much for your ongoing love, prayers and support of this mission to Honduras!

With gratitude,




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