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Honduras Report: October, 2022 Trip from Owen Lovejoy

“Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!” That was a text message I received from my wife, describing the road condition on the journey to San José de Colinas. She was part of the traveling medical team that visited several remote villages and two schools last week in Honduras. Google Maps states that the pueblo of San José lies twenty-five-miles, by road, from our home-site. The trip took two hours-one way. Of course, it doesn’t help that this mission took place near the end of the rainy season when washed-out roads are the norm. In spite of the travel difficulties to this and other villages, the clinic team blessed many Hondurans, young and old.

Marbella, who was raised at the Hogar and is now studying to become an OR tech, joined the

traveling team this trip. Her abilities with English and her out-going personality were great boons to the team. She often played the role of team pharmacist. At one village, a very elderly gentleman came to our clinic. He was blind and lived alone. Our doctor prescribed two different meds that were in separate small medicine bottles. Marbella wrote the dosage for each one on the outside of the bottle, but since the abuelito (grandpa) couldn't see, she sat him down and handed him the medicine bottles, one in each hand. "Shake the bottle in your right hand.” Marbella instructed him. “Do you feel how heavy it is? That's the one you take one in the morning and one at night. Now shake the one in your left hand. Do you feel how light it is? That one you just take once a day." Marbella tenderly and respectfully empowered this elderly gentleman to care for his own needs. We are very proud of her!

In addition to the traveling team, three surgeons and OR staff also accompanied us. Having three surgeons on one trip is unprecedented for us. As it turns out, so many women had signed up to see our doctors this time that having three surgeons and extra staff was a God-send. Combined, they performed thirty-five surgeries in four days.

We purposely planned as many activities with the children as possible. Some members of our team played soccer with them, took them to a water park, repaired numerous old bicycles and purchased new bikes. We hosted two suppers for the children: one for the younger kiddos and one for the teens. They enjoyed a good meal, played games, sang worship songs and more. I think we loved it more than they did!

On the night the younger children came for supper, we also invited Fanny to join us. Fanny was one of the two patients who received the chemo drugs from the United States last spring. The treatment has not been easy. She often feels sick to her stomach and she has lost weight. In spite of that, Fanny looked radiant! She was filled with joy and gratitude; and so were we. We cannot help everyone we see. There are many sad stories we could tell, but seeing the smile on Fanny’s face reminds us that helping just one person has immeasurable value. Thanks be to God!

Owen Lovejoy

November, 2022



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